Boost your online and in-store sales by allowing customers to buy at anytime and anywhere. Your customers can entirely customize their shopping experience using our retailer and ecommerce verticals and resources.

  • Product Catalogs: Product images, titles, explanations, stock, ratings, reviews and prices, Mobile optimized product experiences.
  • Mobile Retargeting: Product recommendations based on user search record, favorite items, app usage, and personal preferences.
  • Showrooming: Offer instant discounts or price related upon customer demand.
  • Mobile Re-involvement for abandoned shopping cart.
  • eCommerce platform integration: Implementation of shopping cart, checkout process, payment gateway and order monitoring.
  • Product Search: Items search using text, barcode scanning or image recognition;
  • Sales, Discount coupons, Price change notification and Alerts.
  • Location and in-store alerts.
  • User Engagement Tools: Wish list, Shopping list, Likes,Feedback and customer survey mechanism
  • User Loyalty and Checkins: In-store instant discount codes and offers
  • Store finder and driving suggestions.
Verticals of mobile app development
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Verticals for CONSUMER APPS

Whether you are browsing to develop a social, location-based or friends and family app, our platform definitely has built-in tools to speedily launch the app. Some of the areas where our team has developed applications earlier:

  • Friends/Family Finder: Searching locations, Nearby friends notifications.
  • Social content sharing: Share content material on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Work Productivity Apps: Tip Calculator, Theme park maps, Calendar incorporation.


Our verticals help businesses with their business automatisation operations over mobile. Our mobile application servers can be connected to enterprise servers and databases via APIs and get the needed information. Our team will then implement business logic to assist your preferred application.