If you have a small business, you may be struggling with missing goods or cash. A recent survey that 75% of small businesses have had employees steals companies’ goods.But in a small business, the main problem is that you don’t have the resources to watch your workers. The study shows that, it isn’t just about a one-time grab, but also a slow drain of money or goods from a company over an extended period of time where employees find an opportunity in the lack of oversight in small business.

In this scenario, for each and every updation and regulation, we can’t approach for police regarding the same work. Because, the reason is, those workers might be your friends, even family. You want to create a culture of trust and reliability. Can you have both more oversight and improved communication?

Real Time Oversight

One way to create a system of better oversight is switching from paper forms to mobile apps. Many small businesses continue to collect information about their goods via paper forms. This is a slow process to track goods, and not necessary to get accurate. Other drawback is, It can take hours or days after the forms are filled out before they are in your database or filed. It is also really tough to maintain an accurate database..

With mobile apps, your workers can fill out the information in a smart-phone or a tablet. Every submission becomes immediately available to view in the cloud. As a business, you can have real time oversight of your goods. With a photo and GPS capture, you can get a visual confirmation as well as the location if you work on multiple sites. These features help give you an additional validation that your workers are being honest.

Restricted Access to Data

Worried about who among your employees have access to the data?

Mobile apps often provide a range of security privileges for users. You can restrict users so that they may only submit forms, or give a wide range of administrative abilities. The choice is yours and can be easily changed any time.

More than just security, mobile apps can save you and your employees, their significant time and money. With submissions going straight to the cloud, you eliminate the need for data entry. Anyone can access your data as per your permission. Whenever, you want from the cloud or download those information as an excel or csv files for easy integration into your own databases such as Salesforce or Quickbooks, you can easily approach for the same.

But as my personal opinion, creating a perfect oversight system is a little bit impossible. The reason behind this is, the average amount of $20,000 being stolen from small businesses due to poor optimization.
Now, the important Question for you, can you afford not to look into better safety systems? If yes, then I have an idea for you that will definitely assist you to setup your system as well as business very well.

Mobile apps help give you better oversight not only prevent theft, but also strengthen your business. It also provides you security assets, team management software and many more that are really helpful to establish and run a good business.
After all, as the old proverb says, locks only keep honest people out.