Understanding user requirements and applying to development of App constitutes A good App . understanding requirements by clients/users or understanding What Constitute to Make Good App is proven by the percentage of downloading of apps from Google play store or Apple play store .

we can distinguish app in two types successful apps or unsuccessful apps .

A good app is successful app which got success in Google by getting huge traffic and by downloading apps also .A good app will be providing value to customer and always define away for the users. There are apps that we install on our mobile phones and absolutely forget about them and then there are apps that become a part of our daily lives . Good apps are the ones that can productively engage users on a regular basis . There are many ways to make user engaged from app by providing notifications, alerts , offers, reminders and other ways to engage the users. App downloading continuous using and increasing rate of uninstall process is also give great impact on market value or position of app on Google play store .The main question stuck ? why user used to uninstall app ?is this because of lot of notifications or alerts and the type of user interest these all points play an important role in maintaining position of app on Google app store .A good app learns from the user’s usage habits , timings, spending pattern , like and dislikes .When user want to install any app and if there is lot of verification or condition process like registration or collecting so much personal information of understand make user irritate and tends to moderation from one app to another app.

GUI of app also help user to attract toward your app . Flexibility of functionality of items and relative content of app always helpful in getting user attract from very end . A client always have to pay attention on platform , platform play an important role in developing interest of users from other app to your app. See if you use platform which is inconvenient for your app it leads to failure of app .Platform play an important role in developing any app .New version of app and new feature help in developing constant attraction on users .

Before developing app a person have to do analysis of market what is the need of market what it actually need and what you can try as new Idea . See you have to first analyze yourself where you stand and what you can do if you have courage so do search for new Idea or do more different work on same Idea , understand work strategy of what extra effort or any different strategy you can apply on same Idea . You can also search for app developers who provide you developed app as soon as possible for starting any business .It will help you to achieve more traffic in small time duration .


Look at competition .Are you just a modified copy of model? Make sure your Idea is unique enough to stand on its own .Your user should be left with major impression. You can use any design ,wording and interface techniques you can to make sure your user never forgets their experience. Success of app depends upon shareable ,apps are the ones that are easily shareable . Your app needs to have a feature that rewards users for sharing it with other users . These are few best and basic techniques to know how to optimize your app it also play an important role in rampant rate of make app at top of the play store .